JC, what a model!

I had a lot of fun on this last shoot with JC.   He is not only an amazing model but he is also a good friend.    I have donated a series of photo shoots to him as he was the recent victim of censorship in the form of IG shutting down his account.   He was given no warning or reason and has no way to get those images back.    I have many problems with censorship; mainly with anybody saying what art is and is not.   The Federal Government has always upheld that the freedom of speech, and the free expression of ideas is paramount, and not to be infringed upon.   As a photographer I know some of the art I create will offend people, and thats ok.   Your life will go on just stop looking at it.  But when we start telling people you must take something down, or its not allowed, or even worse to say something is not art is a slippery slope that leads us to becoming a mirror image of North Korea.   Art is not the same for everyone and thank god for that.   Imagine if we all liked the same thing.   I would be out of a job and we would all be taking antidepressants due to the lack of stimulation in our environment.   For a moment ask yourself what is the job of an artist?   Do you think it is to create pretty stuff to look at?   If you do your wrong.   Our job as artists, no matter the medium, is to challenge societal norms, stir emotion, get people talking about what they believe and why they believe it.   It is to unite us as a people through the stimulation of the psyche in a way that nothing else can.   Art in all its forms touches the soul and leaves us better after we encounter it regardless of how we feel about it.   Maybe you hate a piece but it got you excited, it stirred emotions and possibly it solidified your beliefs.   Is that not a good thing?    Why censor when we can discuss?   What are your thoughts?    Please feel free to let me know what you think.    Enjoy my posts and my photography it can be found on my instgram @jodenphotography or my website www.jodenphoto.com.    Have a great day! img_0537


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Getting the Shot

Yesterday I went out for a photo shoot with my friend Brad Jason Ho.  He is an amazing model and we wanted to do something different and adventurous.   Our first stop was the Kelso Dunes in Mojave Desert.   If you have never been I highly recommend that you go it one hell of a sight to see and it was the most amazing back drop for Brad.   He worked the camera like no other while we were there and I had such a hard time deciding which photos I was going to edit and which ones I was not.   I have a feeling I will still go back and edit even more of the images for final print.  After we finished our time at the Kelso dunes we decided to go to the Desert Hot Springs in Apple Valley.   This is where it got interesting.   It was the most amazing hike in to where the springs are but being the astute person that I am I noticed it was all down hill, and I mean REALLY down hill.   Once there we crossed a freezing river where I ate shit but managed to keep the camera dry which was quite funny and gave us a laugh.  I will mention here that to cross the river I had to get down to my underwear just to make sure I was dry for the drive home.    It was a change being just as clothed as my model.  The springs were amazing and the other people there were so accommodating to the point they would even switch pools so we could get some shots where we wanted.   I think they kind of enjoyed the show.   Brad and I definitely enjoyed the warm water and amazing environment.    Now after crossing over the river once again we both got dressed and started the HIKE back.   It was at this point that I saw the search and rescue helicopter and it hit me that some people simply don’t make it back and have to be rescued.    I will caution that while this is an amazing place to visit the hike out I would rate a difficulty of 8-9 out of 10 because it is all uphill and quite steep.   After being in HOT water you are somewhat dehydrated.   If you chose to go to this site to visit make sure you take plenty of water and snacks.   All in all it was such an amazing time that I would gladly do over again.   I got to have an amazing time with a good friend taking great pics and at the end of the day we both enjoyed ourselves.    Do what love and love what you do.   No matter what get the shot you want, or you will live your life wishing you had.   IMG_0911IMG_0915

Spring is here in Southern California!

Well spring seems to have arrived a little earlier than expected in Southern California.   We are all grateful for the rain that has brought an end to the draught to some degree, I just wish all the pollen and allergens would die down now lol.    With the spring and the super bloom taking place you can look forward to some shoots from the desert coming up.   I have some amazingly sexy models that will be doing shoots in the near future and I can not wait to get a few images posted for you, although most will be in the client only section.   I am also looking into possible setting up some booths at a few of the regional pride celebrations to showcase some of the acrylic artwork.   Perhaps I will see you there.     I hope you all have a great Sunday Fun Day and an amazing start to your week!

America’s Trophy Boy!

Topher Dimaggio is by far one of my favorite models to work with! He always shows up to the shoot with such an amazing attitude and truly wants to create the best product he can. His ability to take a concept and turn it into something uniquely his own makes working with him fun and exciting. I always look forward to my shoots with him.

This particular shoot was an erotic art shoot. If you are interested in the images they will be listed for sale in the customer section of my website. Have you ever wanted to own a one of a kind image of the hot and sexy Topher? Now is your chance. These images are uncirculated and if you would like it can be arranged to have it autographed after printing. Images will be available in various mediums and sizes. Take a look I am sure you will find something you like and I hope it is a piece you will enjoy for years to come.

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